5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Ditch the Fad Diet


Are you unhappy with your weight and hoping to shed some pounds fast?

Fad diets might look like a great option, but there’s more to all these than meets the eye and the stomach. Fad diet examples include options like the South Beach diet, the gluten-free diet, or the elimination diet.

While some diet fads over the years have worked for certain individuals, many have caused more harm than good, and are unlikely to get you the results you crave. These are just some of the reasons to ditch your diet search and find healthier options for weight loss.

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1. It’s Not Real

The fad diet meaning is a diet that pops up as recommended by a doctor, nutritionist, or celebrity personality, and becomes wildly popular or trendy. Diets fads over the years have turned into an industry of media, products, and money. Many diets aren’t about helping you lose weight or become more healthy. They are created to make money by marketing something that looks good but doesn’t work.

The reality is that popular fad diets aren’t a good way of working on your weight since they’re often based on myths about food. That’s barely what they were made to do in the first place.

2. Only Short Term

Fad diets for weight loss might help you drop a few pounds right away, but it doesn’t last. They can’t help your body maintain that weight loss regimen unless you continuously restrict your eating. People often find that their progress stagnates after initial weight loss. ANd a few more months or a year later they will have gained the weight back and then some.

3. Unhealthy Restrictions

Many fad diets are based on cutting out certain food groups. This leads to losing the necessary nutrients to live a healthy and balanced life.

Diets might suggest you avoid all solid foods or all go gluten-free when you don’t have an allergy. Eating only vegetables or only “healthy” fats won’t help your body. And you can’t get all the nutrients you need or are lacking by adding in supplements.

4. Damaging and Dangerous

Fad diets, especially the extreme fad diets for weight loss like juice cleanses and extremely limited food intake, can not only deprive you of nutrients but increase your risk of developing an eating disorder. Most women, and plenty of men as well, have experienced disordered eating in their lifetime. A fad diet can only make those issues worse or create them in the first place.

5. Better Options

Instead of finding fad diets, it’s better to go at weight loss from a patient and life adjusting mindset. You can use meal plans to help get the nutrient you need and eat healthier, and balance that by adding more exercise to your routine.

Kick Fad Diets to the Curb

You don’t need fad diets to help you lose weight. Getting a healthier body can be done over time so that you can maintain your new size and maintain a better lifestyle. Popular fad diets are like get-rich-quick schemes; they seem like the best shortcut but often end up costing you.

Ditch the food fad and aim to eat a more balanced diet with the nutrients you need to help your body maintain a better weight. Find your new meal plan that will help you reach a happy, healthy weight.

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