Dietitian In Panchkula

Dietitian In Panchkula – We see dieting blogs everywhere on the internet. We see blogs about why and how we can be healthy. However, reading these blogs and getting your diet is not easy. You require a professional that will guide you through the process. In this blog, we have mentioned the information about the best Dietitian In Panchkula. You can read the entire article and get to know about the dieting procedure and how the services are given.

Dietitian In Panchkula

There is n number of advantages of choosing the best dietitian for yourself. Selecting the best nutritionist can be a first step towards a healthy life. Health is the best gift you can give to yourself. Bad eating habits either make you sick. So, it is extremely important that you’re consuming the best food and the diet food. This is possible with the guidance of a dietitian. You can learn about the best dietitians in this blog. To get in touch with our dietitian call us at +91 8283820521 or write us an email at

Why Dietitian Sangeeta?

There is absolutely no doubt in stating that her services are the most preferred ones and the diet plans she gives to her clients are the best. Dietitian Sangeet has her clinic located in Chandigarh but gives services both online and offline. She has one of the best teams that supports her and makes it quite easy for her to attend to her clients. Moreover, the dietitian also gives weight loss plans but keeping in mind that the client should not be starved. The main motive of the dietitian is to provide the right diet advice that will be useful for the client. The eat well plate serves you as your personal nutritionist so that you can achieve your weight loss goal easily. Also, we encourage a more healthy and sustainable way to lose weight—by eating a wholesome and nutritious diet that includes a variety of nutrients. To know more about what are the top secrets to a healthy life continue reading.

  1. Her positive and very motivating nature is why a lot of clients are attracted to her work.
  2. All her clients trust her with the services she gives.
  3. If you have been wanting that confidence of looking good you should probably take her diet plans and ace that perfect body shape.
  4. Dietitian Sangeeta makes her clients comfortable and preferably confident about their bodies.

Top secrets for a healthy life

Practically there are no hard and fast rules to follow for a healthy life. You should just stop some unhealthy habits and you are all set to go. Listed below are some top secrets that our dietitian has been telling all our clients:

  • Eat your greens

Eating right is the first step toward a healthy life. You can not eat junk and have a healthy life at the same time. Eat healthily and get the body shape you have always desired of.

  • Limit the consumption of Sugar and Salt

It is a very common saying that anything consumed more than the limit is harmful. Similarly, if we consume salt or sugar more than the required amount it can be extremely harmful to us. That is why dietitians suggest always consuming salt and sugar within limit.

  • Avoid harmful fats

Well, there are two types of fats. One that is harmful to the body and one that is healthy. One should avoid the consumption of unhealthy junk that can cause fat in the body in a very disproportionate manner. Healthy fats include organic and natural dairy products such as cheese, curd, milk, and many more. So, if you want a healthy life then avoid harmful fats now.

  • Avoid alcohol and smoking

These are two habits that you should never get into. It is an extremely harmful practice for the body. Therefore, avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking right away. Consumption of alcohol can lead to health problems such as mental and behavioral disorders, some cancers, and heart diseases. If you are not careful enough you can also end up in some violence or other troubles.

Demand for a dietitian in Panchkula

Panchkula is a well established city. People are getting aware of living a healthy life not just in Panchkula but in many more cities. It is also extremely important that people should take care of their health. And that is why lately the demand for dietitians has increased in Panchkula. To give the right diet tips Dietitian Sangeeta has the experience that can work well for people that are extremely considerate about their health. Dietitian Sangeets will serve the best diet plans. Also, her consultancy is also very much affordable. Anyone can easily afford her services. Get the best diet advice at a very reasonable price. Here are the contact details of the dietitian mentioned.

Her diet plans are :

  1. 3 months – Weight loss up to 13kg, Pre wedding, Post pregnancy, Management of health conditions
  2. 4 months – Weight loss up to 15kg, Pre wedding, PCOS management.
  3. 6 months – Weight loss up to 20kg, Pre wedding weight loss, Management of high blood pressure, cardiac, and many more.


Name – The Eat Well Plate

Address – Shopping Plaza, SCO 8, 3rd floor, 17 E, Chandigarh, 160017

Phone number – 8283820521

Email id –;

Frequently asked questions

  • How can you improve your unhealthy lifestyle?

It is extremely easy to improve your unhealthy lifestyle and this is possible with the help of a professional that is an experienced dietitian.

  • Which is the best dietitian in Panchkula?

Currently, the best dietitian that you can get in Panchkula is Dietitian Sangeeta

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    Sanaea ContractorSanaea Contractor
    07:50 07 Aug 22
    Dr. Singh is amazing. It’s incredible how her diet plans have helped me lose over 10kgs in 3 months while I was studying for exams and working.She customised my diet as per my odd waking hours and my wants and cravings. It’s a very doable diet with the dishes you love. If you want to start your weight loss journey she’s the best person to guide you.
    Gurleen GharialGurleen Gharial
    08:36 05 Jul 22
    Sustainable, effective and simple approach followed by Sangeeta ma’am. No fancy schmancy quinoas, etc. Simple, effective, Sustainable, Seasonal. Yes, she gives u mangoes as well!
    Shruti SinglaShruti Singla
    11:24 24 May 22
    Sangeeta's diet plans have been really doable. The best part is her diet plans are customised according to ur needs and what all u actually have in ur daily routine. She does not starve u at all and I have had everything during this period in controlled portions. I would appreciate if u could have more of one to one encouragement sessions for the distant clients. Otherwise it has been a healthy weight loss journey. Thank you Sangeeta.
    Balwinder SekhonBalwinder Sekhon
    10:37 27 Feb 22
    Dr.sangeeta has recommended me the nutritious diet which helped me feel healthy, feel young, energetic, get rid of health issues and ultimately loosing weight. Best thing about her is that she not only gives the diet but constantly encourages with her personal interaction. Her diet has helped me change my overall eating choices and habits by understanding the requirement of my body. I am thankful to her for sensitising me for this.
    Apoorv JainApoorv Jain
    10:50 21 Feb 22
    Sangeeta is very good but my sense is her increase in business/clients has resulted in less focus on each individual hence she changed her model to "diet plans only" vs "diet plan + regular coaching/support/push". It's not useful to use her services since one can get diet plans online/or from any other nutritionist and her true value that was in individual focus has vanished due to humanitarian limitations.In short, in my opinion, she's facing scaling up challenges.
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